Is there a doctor in the house? Why yes there is!

But I’m probably not the one you have in mind. By no means do I proclaim to fix anyone. I am simply a useful vessel that has been assigned to educate and equip grieving youth with healthy coping strategies.

I’ve been an educator for twenty years. During my stint as a classroom teacher I encountered several students who struggled with emotional and social issues. However, in 2007 I had reached my breaking point. I found myself burned out from putting more energy into classroom management then teaching. 

Who comes to school only to get in trouble? What in the world is wrong with you? 

These are the questions I asked those students week after week.

After delving a little deeper into those situations I found that these students all had something in common, which was the loss of a loved one. At that moment I chose to turn my journal into a children’s book titled, “Mama, Did You Mean to Leave So Soon?” Having gone through a life changing experience of losing my mother I could relate to the different characteristics displayed by the students.  I found time to go over my book and share what I did to help me get through my grieving process. After discussing their loss, I informed the students that what they felt was normal, they just needed to be aware of how to express their emotions in positive ways.

This experience taught me two things:

1) Even when we don’t want to sometimes we have to take the time and extra step to get to the root of the problem. If we don’t, the problem will only get progressively worse.

2) Being selfish is not the answer. I was blessed to learn and use coping tips & strategies to help me get through a difficult time.  I figured why not pay it forward in hopes to helping others gain their happiness back!

Since this topic is near and dear to my heart I’ve continued to write. Book 1 of my new three-part Dear Grief series will be available in November 2016.

This is my mission and I am ready!

Do you know a child/teen who has experienced the loss of a loved one due to death or a long term absence? 

Get your FREE copy of this downloadable PDF work book to help work through the basics of understanding their emotions and how to communicate them.

MY LATEST BOOK:  BlindSided- Dear Grief Book Series


Luis tries to find a balance between letting his kids grow up and keeping them safe. Daryl is struggling to be cool and find his place in the world getting into his own nine-year-old trouble...



In Episode 002 of "Pursuing Purpose: The Podcast", Monique C. Baisden interviews Dr. Chenee' L. Gilbert, an Educator with 15+ years of teaching experience in both public school and higher education settings. In this episode, they discussed how the passing of Dr. Gilbert's mother, coupled with the behavioral challenges of her former classroom students, led her to writing and self-publishing her first book and discovering her purpose as a grief specialist.