Blindsided- Dear Grief Book Series

Luis tries to find a balance between letting his kids grow up and keeping them safe. Daryl is struggling to be cool and find his place in the world getting into his own nine-year-old trouble. LaTrell takes advantage of the attention focused on her little brother and quickly finds herself over her head secretly interacting with an anonymous cyberbully. Will the pressure of a fast-changing world be too much for the family to hold itself together? 

It’s Okay, I’m Watching- Dear Grief Book Series

(Ages 8-12)

A direct sequel to Mama, Did You Mean to Leave So Soon, the Wiggins are left to pick up the pieces and figure things out emotionally.  During this adjustment period the Wiggins quickly learned that communicating is key. Can Luis handle the pressure of raising LaTrell and Daryl alone? Will LaTrell’s behavior head toward a downward spiral? It’s Okay, I’m Watching is a story of love, loss, and rebuilding.



Mama, Did You Mean To Leave So Soon? 

(Ages 3-8)

In her debut book Dr. Chenee’ Gilbert reveals her fun- filled childhood memories shared with her mother. Suddenly, one very sad day she was presented with a life changing experience. This book is geared toward children who are coping with the loss of a loved one. Children will have the opportunity to examine their thoughts about death and how it affects their being. Sharing your feelings and memories can start the healing process.

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